What's Left Behind: Stephen
Assemblage installation, and photography. 2011-2012
"What's Left Behind" is an ongoing multimedia series, processing both the animate and inanimate objects that are left behind when an individual is no longer among the living.
The sub-series "Stephen" is the processing of the life remnants of Stephen J. DeDakis (1989-2011).
"Whirlwind" composes the personal belongings (shirts, accessories, etc.) in suspension, over a projection of Stephen's Facebook feed. His disappearance and then discovery of his body was sudden, and triggered a flood of questions and emotions.
"Spectrum #1" was assembled and photographed while visiting Stephen's home, studying his belongings, spending nights sleeping in his bed, and interviewing his parents during the day.
"The Visit" was taken while led by Stephen's parents to the location of where Stephen's body was found. The two have a candid conversation about the events of the night Stephen disappeared, and the relationships they had with him.
Special thanks to the Dedakis Family for supporting this series.